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ST4-600 Lift & Slide

ST4-600 Lift & Slide

The ST4-600 Lift & Slide door exhibits the best thermal insulation in all the sliding range with transmissions as low as 0.158 Btu/ft ² hr °F.

ST4-600 Lift and Slide - APA Facade Systems


Lift & Slide

The maximum energy efficiency of the ST4-600 Lift & Slide is possible thanks to the perfect combination of polyamide thermal breaks and cross-linked polyethylene foam combined with the use of high-performance triple glazed units (possible thickness up to 2 3/16“) and large size sliders. Acoustically this combination of framing and high-performance acoustic glass will deliver a noticeable noise reduction with exceptional thermal insulation.

APA Facades Lift and Slide door
APA Facade Systems ST4-600 Lift and Slide Sitting Room
ST4-600 Lift and Slide - APA Facade Systems

Excellent Choice for Large Dimensions

ST4-600 Lift & Slide

The possibility of large sash dimensions makes the ST4-600 system the ideal choice for enclosing large spaces while maintaining a high level of luminosity. The system offers a modern style with straight style both in sashes and fixed panels.
  • Multiple opening possibilities up to 6 sashes.
  • Maximum sash size/weight 130″ x 130″ or 881 lbs.
  • Frames 6 5/16” – 3 rails 9 7/8“.
  • 3/4” sash.
  • Possible glazing thickness up to 2 3/16“.
  • Polyamide strip 1 3/8” thick in frame and 15/16” in the sash.
  • 1/16” profile thickness.
  • Available with single, dual color or anodized finish.
  • Polyester Powder coating to ASTM 2604.

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