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Facade TB60 SG

The TB60 SG structurally glazed curtain wall system provides a more streamlined aesthetic exterior appearance to that of a standard pressure plate and capped system. The TB60 SG’s standard mullion depths are available from 3-9/16” to 10-13/16”. With glazing opportunities of up to 2- 3/8”.

Grifols offices


Capped Curtain Wall System

Utilizing the same reinforced high-performance aluminium profiles as the TB60 system, the glazing units are securely installed within the framework by means of a hidden toggle secreted within the centre seal area of the glazing units. These toggles are then mechanically fastened to the facade grid and sealed against the elements using an approved silicone sealant to produce weather-resistant joints and a non-interrupted surface.

TB60 SG - APA Facade Systems
TB60 SG - APA Facade Systems
TB60 SG - APA Facade Systems

The Ideal Solution


Concealed frame awnings and a range of thermally broken high-performance door systems, are available to fit directly within the framework of our TB60 SG curtain wall system making it the ideal solution for your next project. 

  • Standard mullion depths available from 3-9/16” to 10-13/16”.
  • Glazing thickness variance of up to 2-1/16”.
  • 2 3/8” external sightline.
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Integrated concealed framed awnings available.
  • Integrated solar shading systems available.
  • Evaluated and tested to AAMA 501. 

Our Facade System

The Roy - Halifax

The Roy

The Roy Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada The Brief APA Facade Systems recently completed works

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