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Tilt & TurN

Tilt & Turn Window/Door

Our Tilt & Turn Window/ Door system is designed to give the user multiple options for ventilation by combining elements of our window and door systems.

Tilt and Turn - APA Facade Systems

Tilt & Turn

Windows / Doors

Manufactured using our thermally efficient 2 3/4″ or 3 1/8″ high-performance profiles, it comes with excellent acoustics and air/water tightness. The Tilt & Turn system is often used in high-rise apartment buildings – combined with our Juliet balcony, it provides a safe way to bring the outside in, without obstructing your view.

Tilt & Turn Window/Door
Tilt and Turn - APA Facade Systems
Tilt and Turn - APA Facade Systems

Fully Tested to AAMA 101

Tilt & Turn Windows / Doors

Our Tilt and Turn Window/Door system opens inwards for increased safety, ventilation and easy access for cleaning. Evaluated and tested to AAMA 101 for windows and doors meeting the CW PG50 grade, it’s available with an anodized, single or dual color finish with polyester powder coating to the ASTM 2604 standard.
  • Multiple opening possibilities up to 6 sashes.
  • Maximum sash size/weight 130″ x 130″ or 881 lbs.
  • Frames 6 5/16” – 3 rails 9 7/8“.
  • 3/4” sash.
  • Possible glazing thickness up to 2 3/16“.
  • Polyamide strip 1 3/8” thick in frame and 15/16” in the sash.
  • 1/16” profile thickness.
  • Available in anodized, single, dual color.
  • Polyester powder coating to ASTM 2604.

Door ProfileTilt & Turn Window/Door 

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