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Facade TB60

The carefully engineered TB60 curtain walling system has been intelligently designed with reinforced profiles to accommodate the use of larger, heavier glass units. This provides an increased glass bite to facilitate a greater level of movement within the building’s structure, without sacrificing any of the facades weather tightness or wind load resistance.

TB60-APA Facade Systems


Capped Curtain Wall System

Available with a range of profile depths and capping options this high-performance robust facade system can accommodate a variance of infill specifications to ensure the highest levels of thermal and acoustic performance requirements are achieved.

As with our TB50 facade, the TB60 is often used in storefronts, to glaze the full building or as atrium roof lights. It’s also available with a 30-minute non-structural fire-rated system. Additional integrated concealed frame awning windows and solar shading systems can be seamlessly incorporated within the system.

TB60-APA Facade Systems
Rushden Lakes
TB60 facade system

Fully Tested to AAMA 501


All structural performances and weather tightness requirements for our TB60 facade system were evaluated and tested in line with AAMA 501 standards for curtain wall systems. 

  • Glazing Thickness variance 1-1/8” and 1-3/4”
  • Suitable for double or triple glazed units
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Integrated solar shading systems available.
  • 30-minute non-structural fire-rated system available.
  • Evaluated and tested to AAMA 501. 

Our Facade System

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