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The National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Columbus, Ohio, America

The Brief

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM) is the first monument or museum where Americans from all over the country can celebrate and honour their war veterans. It will bridge historical events to current concerns, strengthening the understanding and respect between veterans and civilians.

It features include a great hall with unprecedented views of the Scioto River, numerous exhibition galleries, a memorial room and space for gatherings and public events.

The Process

APA Facade Systems provided our system partners Flynn Group of Companies with our complete package, including fabrication of our facade systems, logistics management and a design assist service throughout the project.

The Challenge

The challenge our design team faced with the National Veterans Memorial and Museum was to integrate our curtain wall system from floor to ceiling, in places spanning 492″ unsupported, into a building surrounded by a concrete ribbon, making it impossible to glaze in a traditional manner. Transom lines were required to follow the bespoke cross-braced concrete facade of the building meaning that each of the 230 mullions installed were unique.

Here at APA Facade Systems, our team is committed to excellent environmental practice towards a greener, more sustainable environment. Our aluminum glazing profiles are designed and manufactured to conform with industry environmental standards, helping you achieve a silver, gold or platinum LEED certification.


System Used:
TB50 SG Facade System

A specially designed TB50 facade system was fabricated by APA, consisting of free spanning millions, up to 492 1/8” high. This bespoke curtain wall system surrounds the entirety of the NVMM building, with the total cost of the glazing works on this project surpassing the $10 million mark. 


Client: Downtown Columbus Group

Architect: Allied Works Architecture

System Partner: Flynn Group of Companies

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