ST60 Window System

The ST60 window system incorporates a wide variety of styles to meet many project requirements such as tilt and turn, casement, bead in/out, open in/out, hopper or parallel sash. All styles include multipoint locking for added security. The versatility of the locking system allows a design team to incorporate extra-large sashes into a façade or window.

Due to the carefully engineered design in this technology and the use of a 24mm polyamide core, the ST60 window delivers an energy thermally efficient solution to meet your project requirements.

With a glazing variance of 28-32mm, the ST60 window can provide a cost-effective option for many projects from commercial to residential sectors.

Through the use of interchangeable components within the ST window range such as cast aluminium corner and transom cleats, in situ chevrons and gaskets, ensures an increase in speed of fabrication and assembly whilst reducing stock levels and wastage.