Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balcony System Featuring a Structural Glass Panel


The Juliet Balcony railing system is designed to be installed with our high-performance windows, tilt & turn window/doors and our ST4-600 Lift & Slide.

It comes with a maximum width of 1800 mm and features a clear heat-strengthened glass panel, providing uninterrupted views and high fall protection for floor-to-ceiling windows or doors. This balustrade style system comes with multiple glazing opportunities, the use of heat strengthened, laminate glass strongly recommended.

Available anodized or with single or dual colour finishes to polyester powder coating standards.

A safe solution to bring the outside in,  increasing ventilation options without compromising light or obstructing the view.

It is perfectly suited for multi-level residential developments such as apartments or student accommodations.

Juliet Balcony


  • Available with single, dual colour or anodized finish.
  • Polyester powder coating.
  • Easily integrated with any of our ST window systems, Tilt & Turn door, French doors and ST4-600 Lift & Slide.
  • Maximum width of 1800 mm
  • Multiple glazing opportunities
  • Heat strengthened, laminate glass strongly recommended

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