Our  company values are the foundation on which APA Facade Systems was built. They are extremely important to us and guide everything we do and ensure that all our employees are working towards the same goal. Our values support our vision for the future and shape the culture within the company. 

People First

At APA Facade Systems our customers and staff are at the heart of what we do. We believe success in business is the result of strong, trusting and long term relationships. 

We have an excellent team of individuals who work seamlessly with our customers to ensure every project is completed to the highest standards.

The strong committed relationships we have with all our partners is a testament to the quality of service, product and technical assistance we are focused on delivering.


People First

Environmentally Sensitive Design & Sustainability

At APA we care about the environment and our impact on it. We are proud members of the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), proving our commitment to good environmental practices towards a green, sustainable environment.

In addition to our profiles inherent life expectancy, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, making it the material of choice for balancing the demand of a growing economy with the need to help preserve the environment.

Recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy and thus produces 95% fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than produced during primary production whilst still retaining 100% of the material’s mechanical properties.

Our aluminium glazing profiles are designed and manufactured to conform with industry environmental standards, helping you achieve LEED and BREEAM certification. Below are some of our LEED & BREEAM certified projects. 

IGBC Membership Logo Standard 2
breeam and leed
402 Dunsmuir - Amazon - APA Facade Systems
The Bergeron Centre - York University
IDA Advanced Technology Building Galway
Charlemont Exchange - APA Facade Systems
Cascada - APA Facade Systems

402 Dunsmuir

The Bergeron Centre
LEED Silver

IDA Advanced Technology Building Galway

Charlemont Exchange

Leed Platinum

7 8 Wellington Place - Leeds - APA Facade Systems
Hotel La Tour- Milton Keynes - APA Facade Systems 3
5 Dublin Landings - APA Facade Systems
Meggitt HQ - Antsy Park - APA Facade Systems
Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry, Trinity College

Wellington Place Office Development
BREEAM Excellent

Hotel La Tour
BREEAM Very Good

5 Dublin Landings
LEED Platinum
BREEAM Outstanding

Meggitt HQ
BREEAM Very Good

Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry
BREEAM Excellent

Flexability in Products & Service

Our  curtain wall, window and door profiles incorporate a wide variety of styles to meet all project requirements. Due to the carefully engineered design of our windows, each system maintains identical sightlines ensuring specification compliance, budgetary restraints and aesthetic appearance are not a problem.

Our staff are also flexible, working with our Irish, UK & North American customers to ensure they get the service they need, when they need it.


Superior Quality & Reliability

Our customers know they can depend on us. We have built their trust over 40 years through our excellent customer service, and high-quality, reliable products. 

We will never compromise on the quality of the product or service we deliver. 

All our products go through a strict quality control checklist before leaving our fabrication hall.


Continuous Education

Continuous Education is a big part of the foundation of APA.

Our team are always learning about new technology and new products. This allows us to stay on top of our game, developing new innovative systems to solve the pain points of the industry.

We educate our customers too, providing CPD and installation courses for each of our products.

continuous education

Supporting the community

At APA Facade Systems, our staff support charities within Ireland and the UK as much as possible. We have been supporters of many fantastic organisations such as the Simon Community, Focus Ireland, ISPCC, Make a Wish Foundation, Merchants Quay and many more who work aimlessly to help people in need.

APA & Focus Ireland
Shine A Light Night 2021 - APA Facade Systems