ST90 Window Undertakes CWCT Sequence B Test

Our ST90 Window System is fully compliant with CWCT Sequence B Weather Test

On the external rig in BET Arklow, our ST90 window system was put through rigorous weather testing which included the following:

Air Leakage: Designed to test the amount of air that will travel through the window system. It is tested in two ways, infiltration and exfiltration.

Water penetration (3.5 litres per square metre): The window system is sprayed with water from a uniform grid of calibrated nozzles.

Wind Resistance (Serviceability & Safety): Wind resistance testing is carried out to simulate the planned wind environment. Wind resistance tests the window for its ability to withstand high winds, tunnelling and peak pressure loading caused by storms.

Water Penetration – Dynamic Aero-Engine & Hose Tests: The window system is sprayed with water from a uniform grid of calibrated nozzles while under specified negative pressure (on the internal face) carried out in using a propeller. After this, the window system undertakes the hose test designed to check the workmanship and design of the product.

Impact Test: This test is classified as “Hard Body” or “Soft Body” and tests the windows ability to resist high rate loading. In the video below, they use rubber tyres for the glass and sandbags for the capping.

U Value:  Another extremely important aspect of the window system is the U value. U values measure the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre (m²) of glass (W/m²K). The ST90 can achieve a whole window Uw value as low as 0.48 W/m²K.

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