TB60 Facade System

Our TB60 facade system has been intelligently designed with reinforced profiles to accommodate the use of larger, heavier glass units up to 800 kg. The TB60 is can be installed to suit vertical, sloped or curved designs, making it the perfect solution for all aspects of the building envelope.

The increase in glazing possibilities allows for a greater level of movement within the building structure, without compromising the excellent weather tightness or wind load resistance properties.

The TB60 accommodates a variety of infill specifications to ensure the highest levels of thermal, barrier loadings and acoustic requirements are achieved. Double or triple glazed units are available with this system, up to 52 mm thick.

This curtain wall system facilitates the integration of Concealed Frame Vents and Louvre systems. It comes with a wide range of profile depths and capping possibilities leading to multiple external visual design options.

Get in touch with a member of the APA team hereĀ for more information regarding our TB60 facade system.

  • Standard mullion depths available.
  • Glazing thickness variance of up to 52mm.
  • 60mm external sight line.
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Full range of integrated vents available.
  • Variation in aesthetic external cap options available.
  • Integrated louvre systems available.
  • Approved to CWCT standards.
  • Available in single, dual colour or anodised finish.
  • Qualicoat powder coating.

Air Permeability 600pa
Water Tightness 600pa
Water Tightness (Dynamic) 900pa
Wind Resistance (Serviceability) 2400pa
Hose Test AAMA Standard
Impact Test 500Nm
Wind Resistance (Safety) 3600pa

* Test data may vary depending on the project, for project-specific test data please get in touch with our technical department.

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