Life Enhancing Window

Designers and architects are beginning to address the needs of a more diverse range of clients. There is a huge interest for houses and apartments to be designed to make it easier for people with limited mobility to live independently at home for longer. Windows, in particular, can cause difficulties, as some people with limited mobility are unable to comfortably utilise the standard window handle on the side of the frame.

Life Enhancing Window - APA Facade Systems

With this in mind, APA Facade Systems have designed the Life Enhancing Window. By positioning the handle at the bottom of the window, this turn and tilt system gives the user continuous access to the handle, allowing them to open and close the window with minimal effort.

Our Life Enhancing Window is compatible with all our ST windows systems, and also have multi-point locking facilities for added security. This system meets all the requirements of the ‘Lifetime Homes Scheme’ in the UK and comes with a choice of thermally efficient polyamide cores ranging from (24mm — 44mm). Depending on the system, the glazing aperture can vary from 28 mm — 52 mm, allowing a choice of infill panels to suit thermal and acoustic performance requirements.

  • Includes multi-point locking for added security
  • Superb thermal performance whether open in or out
  • Eco-friendly polyamide core
  • Glazing variants are 28mm-42mm up (1.1″-1.6″)
  • Identical sight lines throughout
  • Can be pre-assembled in-house saving installation time/cost
  • Available in dual colour finish
  • Matching rebate doors available
  • Certified to PAS 24 standards
  • Fully tested to current BS/EN standards within a UKAS approved facility

Frame Depth 70mm
EN ISO 1077-1 UW Whole window value: * 1.6 W/m²K or less
BS 6375-1:2009 Air: Class 4
BS 6375-1:2009 Water: Class E1050
BS 6375-1:2009 Wind: Class A5
BS 6375-2:2009 Operating forces: Class 1
BS 6375-2:2009 Mechanical Strength: Class 3
BS 6375-2:2009 Repeated opening & closing: Class 3
PAS 24:2012 Security classification: Certisecure

*Whole window U values are a combination of the frame and glazing thermal performance and as such will vary with the specification of glass utilised. Please consult with the APA technical team for more specific performance information.