The Evolution of our ST Window Suite

Let us take you on a journey through the evolution of our aluminium windows. This video showcases a decade of our ST Window Suite. It will take you through the diverse range of insulating cores, foams and polyamides used in our profiles over the past 10 years.

ST60 Window System – 2010

ST70 Window System  – 2012

ST70 HI Window System – 2014

ST80 Window System – 2016

Thermally enhanced ST70 HI Window System  – 2019

ST90 Window System – 2020

The video focuses on our new eco-friendly ST90 Window system. It has been specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing thermal demands of architects, design teams and their clients. The ST90 can achieve a whole window Uw values as low as 0.48 W/m²K.

Check it out below.