Life Enhancing Window

APA Facade Systems Launch New Life Enhancing Window

People without mobility issues give little consideration to window mechanisms or designs, but people faced with these issues, find it difficult to operate window mechanisms. They find the handle on the side of the frame difficult to reach. Designers and architects have been looking for ways to help this, ways to help individuals with limited mobility live independently, in their homes, for longer.

With this in mind, APA Facade Systems have specifically designed and adapted our ST Window System to suit the needs of people with limited mobility. By positioning the handle at the bottom of the window and fitting a turn and tilt mechanism, the user can open the window for trickle or purge ventilation, with little or no resistance.

Our Life Enhancing Window comes with a three-point locking system and a thermally efficient polyamide core. It meets all of the requirements of the “Lifetime Homes Scheme” in the UK and all of the BS EN regulations.

For more information, test data and tech features of the Life Enhancing Window click here or download our digital brochure.