Kevin Street Garda Station

APA’s TB50/TB50 FP facade systems on display here at Kevin Street Garda Station.

APA Facade Systems worked in conjunction with Season Master Double Glazing to complete this JJ Rhatigan & Co project. Kevin Street Garda Station has a magnificent design with a curved street elevation along the east boundary.  This curved elevation was glazed using our TB50 and TB50 30-minute fireproof systems. Our TB CFV was also used on this building.

If you have any queries about our facade systems or need advice on any window or door systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team

Contractor: JJ Rhatigan & C0
Architect: OPW
Partners: Season Master Double Glazing
Kevin Street Garda Station
Kevin Street Garda Station Roof

Kevin Street Garda Entrance with large glazed curtain wall