How to Successfully Toe and Heel a Door

Toe and Heeling is a process that involves placing glazing blocks in the corners of a door to reinforce its structure and prevent sagging or misalignment.

Aluminium doors carry considerable weight. The hinge side supports the dead weight when the door is open but there is no support on the lock side. Without employing the toe and heel technique, the door is prone to eventually sagging or dropping on the lock side.

Prevent Doors From Dropping or Misalignment

To prevent this from happening, diagonal bracing of the glass is necessary. Glazing packers are inserted between the glass and frame, positioned under the beading. On the hinge side, the packers should be installed at the bottom corner, and on the lock side, they should be installed at the top (opposite) corner, see image below.

toe and heeling doors

Signs That Your Door Might Need to Be Toe & Heeled

This bracing method ensures the glass is adequately supported. This prevents the door from sagging or dropping over time. Here are some signs that may indicate the need to toe and heel your door:

  • Doors Warping
  • Difficulty in Closing or Latching
  • Visible Gaps
  • Sagging or Dragging
  • Structural Shifts

Useful Tools When Toe and Heeling Doors

Glazing Packers
Glass suckers
Glazing Shovel

Glazing Packers

Glazing Suckers

    Glazing    Shovel


Before deciding to toe and heel a door, it is essential to thoroughly assess the specific issues and determine the cause. In some cases, adjustments to hinges, realignment, or repairs may be sufficient.

The toe and heeling method can differ depending on the chosen door system, please refer to our product manuals to ensure the chosen door is installed correctly and functions properly. Discover more about our range of door systems here.