APA Launch New ST90 Window

APA Facade Systems are leading the way in the revolution of fenestration systems with the ultimate in thermal performance – The ST90 Window.

During a meeting in the APA HQ, we discussed how to improve on our ST Window Suite. After a long discussion and lots of industry research, we came up with four key points:

– Thermal performance – Increase thermal performance to meet the ever-increasing thermal efficiencies required by architects, design teams and their clients.

– Sustainability – Produce an eco-friendly window system fabricated using recycled materials.

– Durability – Ensure this window is strong, durable and maintenance-free.

– Flexibility – Give customers flexibility with multiple opening possibilities to suit the most demanding commercial, institutional and residential developments.

The ST90 Window system has all these characteristics and more. It is the perfect solution for your next project. Get more information on the ST90 Window System here.