APA Facade Systems Factory Closure – COVID-19

In line with Government’s COVID-19 instructions, APA Facade Systems factory will be closed from March 30th 2020 to April 13th 2020. Our office operations are still fully functional, with all members of staff working remotely.

If you need technical information on any of the APA products you can get in touch with a member of our team through the numbers below. Alternatively, our technical library has all the relevant information, you can register for our technical library in the top right corner of the APA website: www.apafacadesystems.com

The APA office phones have been set up to forward calls to our mobiles so if you need to contact a member of our team, you can do so through +44 1274 591 403 (UK Office), 01 450 9102 (Dublin Office) and the relevant extension number (sales 108 / Estimation 106 / Technical assistance 110).

For any further information or if you need any specific documentation, please forward any inquiries to .

We appreciate your co-operation, stay safe in these difficult and uncertain times.

The APA Facade Systems Team.