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ST80 Window Systems


Our ST80 Window System is designed using the most modern thermal evaluation software, it uses the most up to date thermally efficient cores, gaskets and infills available. The ST80 has multiple opening possibilities such as tilt & turn, push-out or in-swing casement, hopper or parallel sash. 

ST80 Window system


3 1/8” Window System

Extremely high thermal ratings are achieved due to the design of a solid EPDM center seal with cellular cavity filler. With a glazing variance of 1 1/8” – 2 1/16“, a double or triple-glazed unit can be incorporated to achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic efficiency.

The strength of the ST80 profile combined with the use of cast aluminum cleats, in situ chevrons and gaskets ensures the construction of a robust window that performs as an individual window or one that is easily inserted into facade systems.

ST80 Window system
ST80 Window system
ST80 Window system

Extreme Performance

Highest-performing window system in our ST window suite. 

The ST80 is the highest performing window system in our ST window suite. This is due to the solid EPDM centre seal with cellular cavity filler. This infill panel along with the ability to install units up to 2 1/16″ makes this system the perfect solution to keep the heat in and the noise pollution out. 

  • Includes multi-point locking for added security.
  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • Eco-friendly polyamide core.
  • Glazing range from 1 1/8” – 2 1/16“.
  • Identical sightlines throughout.
  • Can be pre-assembled in-house saving installation time/cost.
  • Available in single, dual-color or anodized finish
  • Matching rebate doors available
  • Evaluated and tested to the AAMA 101 standard for windows and doors, meeting the CW PG50 grade. 


Our ST80 window is available as a tilt & turn, awning, push out/in-swing casement or hopper window. It can be externally or internally beaded. The versatility of the locking mechanism used in the ST80 window allows the designers to incorporate extra-large sashes in the building.

The ST80 has a thermally efficient polyamide core and a glazing capability up to 2 1/16“. 

ST80-tilt and turn window

Tilt & Turn

The ST80 Tilt and Turn Window System is a great solution to areas of a facade that require ease of access for cleaning or maintenance. It is evaluated and tested to the AAMA 101 standard for windows and doors, meeting the CW PG50 grade. 

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