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ST Cor Vision Plus

ST Cor Vision Plus

The ST Cor Vision Plus is a sliding door system designed for larger dimensions to maximize luminosity, it displays a 94% glass surface, with a slimline central interlock showing only 1″ of aluminum section. 

Cor Vision Plus 90 degree corner sash

ST Cor Vision Plus

Sliding Door System

The ST Cor Vision Plus is one of the smoothest doors across the sliding range. The workings of this slider incorporate rollers in the frame and the sashes come with a stainless steel reinforced channel resulting it an effortless gliding motion. 

Cor Vision Plus
ST Cor Vision Plus
Cor Vision Plus

90 Degree Corner System

ST Cor Vision Plus 

The ST Cor Vision Plus is available as a 90 degree corner system, without the need for any mullions. 

The Cor Vision Plus is also available as a manual sliding door or a motorized system. 

  • Available as 90 degree corner system without mullions.
  • Frame: 7 1/16″,  3 tracks 10 15/16″.
  • Sash: 2 11/16″.
  • Max glazing opportunities: 2 1/8″.
  • Polyamide strip: 11/16″ to 1 9/16″.
  • Max size/sash: 13′ 1 1/2″ x 13′ 1 1/2″ (wind load dependent).
  • Max weight/sash: 881 lbs manual / 1543 lbs motorized.
  • Available in single and dual color or with anodized finish.
  • Polyester powder coating to ASTM 2604.

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