No. 4 Wellington Place, Leeds

APA Facade System will continue our partnership with Speedclad and Wates Group in the newest development in Leeds’ most sought-after business location. Speedclad will install our TB60 and TB60 SG facade system to 4 Wellington Place. This is the latest instalment in this 22-acre office development. The proposed addition to Wellington Place consists of an eight-storey triangular building, with a sloping roofline from Northern Street to Tower Square, incorporating terraces to all floors facing onto the Lifting Tower. The development frames stunning views across Wellington Place and the wider townscape. It reflects its emerging context through the use of the bronze, stone and glass as seen on 3, 5 and 6 Wellington Place.

Described as ‘the jewel in the crown’ of the wider 22-acre development, on account of its unique form, 4 Wellington Place will deliver 131,500ft² nett of grade A office accommodation.
It will also include 17,000ft² of ground floor retail and leisure space, in addition to basement car parking and landscape work.

As you enter the masterplan via the two avenues heading towards Tower Square, the proposed facades intersperse stone and bronze vertical panels with glazing, giving the reflective quality that creates the building’s jewel-like appearance. The gateway approach of 4 Wellington Place and its position sitting at the centre of the current master plan, has led to the development of a building that is distinct whilst borrowing from the architectural language of the surrounding buildings.

4 Wellington Place