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ST4-600 Lift & Slide

Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Sliding Door

  Our ST4-600 Lift & Slide exhibits the best thermal insulation in all the sliding range with transmissions as low as 0.9 Wm2/K. This is possible thanks to the perfect combination of polyamide thermal breaks and cross-linked polyethylene foam combined with the use of high-performance triple glazed units (possible thickness up to 2 3/16“) and large size sliders. Acoustically this combination of framing and high-performance acoustic glass will deliver a noticeable noise reduction with exceptional thermal insulation.  
Tech Features:   + Monorail option available + Eco-friendly profile + Thermal value as low as 0.9 Wm2/K + Excellent weather seals and acoustic performance + Multiple opening possibilities up to 6 sashes + Max sash size/weight 3000mm x 3000mm or 300kg + Frames 160mm – 3 rails 251mm + 70mm sash + Possible glazing thickness up to 55mm + Fully tested to Pas 24 security standard + Available as single or dual colour to Qualicoat powder coating
ST4-600 Lift & Slide Internal Profile
ST4-600 Lift & Slide Profile
    Test Data:   Uw*:        EN ISO 10771       - as low as 0.9 W/m2K Air:           EN 12207:2000   - Class 4 Water:    EN 12208:2000   - Class 9A Wind:      EN 12210:2000    - Class C5   *Whole door U values are a combination of the frame and glazing thermal performance and as such will vary with the specification of glass utilised. 
ST4-600 Lift & Slide
ST4-600 Lift & Slide

Seamless integration with our Juliet balcony 

The Juliet Balcony railing system is designed to be installed with our high-performance windows, tilt & turn window/doors and our ST4-600 Lift & Slide. It comes with a maximum width of 1800 mm and features a clear heat-strengthened glass panel, providing uninterrupted views and high fall protection for floor-to-ceiling windows or doors.
ST4-600 Lift & Slide
ST4-600 Lift & Slide

How does the lift & slide mechanism work?

Combine our Lift & Slide with our other high-performance windows, doors & curtain wall systems

Do you have any further questions?

Get in touch with a member of our team below if you want any further information about our thermally-enhanced ST4-600 Lift & Slide.  
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