Bi-Fold Door

APA Facade Systems bi-fold door has been designed to suit a wide range of projects across commercial and domestic markets. The bi-fold design is known for its versatility.

Our system is available with up to 14 sashes and can be outside and inside opening, with the possibility of an even or odd number of sashes. This system comes with impressive U-values and thermal performances. This is thanks to its thermally efficient polyamide
core (possibilities ranging from 24mm to 44mm). It’s fully tested to meet the highest BS/EN standards for acoustics and weather tightness.

The excellent design on this system allows you to insert the bottom of the frame into the pavement, leaving the threshold completely hidden. Additionally, the wheels and rollers are concealed when the door is closed providing us with a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Frame – 73mm
  • Sash – 73mm
  • Maximum Glazing Opportunities – 45mm
  • Opening Possibilities – Folding up to 14 sashes
  • Profile Thickness – 1.8mm
  • Polyamide Strip Frame – 20mm/Sash 30mm
  • Maximum Size/Sash – 1200mm x 3000mm
  • Maximum Weight/Sash – 120kg
  • Powder Coating Qualicoat (RAL Colours)
  • Dual Colour available

European Test Standards RegulationClass
UW Whole Door Value EN ISO 1077-11.1wm²/K
Air Permeability EN 12207:2000 Class 4
Water Tightness EN 12208:2000Class 9A
Wind Resistance EN 12210:2000 Class A3