TB-SG-CFV Concealed Framed Vent

Facade TB-SG-CFV is a thermally enhanced window system designed to fit seamlessly into the APA Facade Systems range of pressure equalised structurally glazed curtain walling systems.

With its combination of excellent thermal and sound attenuation properties added to the sleek aesthetic design, the TB-SG-CFV is the ideal solution when incorporating opening vents within a curtain wall facade allowing for a constant un-interrupted glazing plane across the entirety of the screen.

With a glass variance of between 28 and 44 mm, suitable for double or triple glazed units the performance and versatility options are endless. The glazing units themselves are bonded to the frame using an approved bonding solution that ensures the products suitability for high-level use whilst maintaining the opening vents integrity and weather tightness characteristics.

If you’re looking for more information regarding our TB-SG-CFV window system, you can get in touch here.

  • Glazing Thickness variance 28 – 44mm
  • Provides an un-interrupted glazing plane
  • Suitable for double or triple glazed units
  • Excellent Thermal and Acoustic Performance
  • Fully tested to BS/EN regulations and in accordance with CWCT Standards

EN ISO 1077-1Uw Whole window value: *1.8 W/m²K or less
BS 6375-1:2009Air permeabilityClass 4
BS 6375-1:2009Water tightnessClass E1500
BS 6375-1:2009Wind load resistanceClass 5 2000pa
BS 6375-2:2009Operating forcesClass 2
BS 6375-2:2009Mechanical strengthClass 3
BS 6375-2:2009Repeated opening & closing: (20,000)Class 3

*Whole window U values are a combination of the frame and glazing thermal performance and as such will vary with the specification of glass utilised. Please consult with the APA technical team for more specific performance information.

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