APA Facade Systems Launch New ST4-600 Lift and Slide Door

APA Facade Systems have launched a new ST4-600 lift and slide door. The new lift and slide system exhibits the best thermal insulation in all the sliding range, with thermal transmissions as low as 0.9Wm2/K. This maximum energy-efficiency is possible thanks to the perfect combination of polyamide thermal breaks and cross-linked polyethylene foam combined with the use of high-performance triple glazed units (possible thickness up to 55mm) and large size sliders.

Acoustically this combination of framing and high-performance glass, will deliver a noticeable noise reduction with exceptional thermal insulation.
The possibility of large sash dimensions makes the ST4-600 system the ideal choice for enclosing large spaces while maintaining a high level of luminosity. The system offers modern style with straight style both in sashes and fixed panels.

For more information regarding this door or any of our other products, get in contact with a member of our team.

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